Volvo Heavy Equipment



Volvo EC750D Excavator

For ultimate performance and low fuel consumption, the EC750D crawler excavator gets the job done whether you’re working at a mine, quarry or in heavy construction applications. The machine’s engine delivers increased horsepower and fuel efficiency, while its electro hydraulic system provides excellent control for faster cycle times.

Volvo EC480D Excavator

Get productive with Volvo’s EC480D crawler excavator. These machines perform with greater digging force and shorter cycle times and feature increased engine power and improved hydraulics. Sustain optimum power and productivity day in and day out with Volvo.

Volvo EC380D Excavator

Get productive with Volvo’s EC380D crawler excavator. Featuring increased engine power and improved hydraulics, these machines perform with greater digging force and shorter cycle times. Sustain optimum power and productivity day in and day out with Volvo.

Volvo EC350D Excavator

Introducing the EC350D crawler excavator from Volvo – a powerful production machine designed to boost performance. State-of-the-art technology including Volvo’s unique ECO mode, new electro-hydraulic system and fuel efficient D8 engine ensures this machine delivers fast cycle times, high digging power and low fuel consumption.

Volvo EC300D Excavator

Volvo’s EC300D crawler excavator is built to increase production, reduce fuel consumption and reach new levels of efficiency. With proven, advanced technology the EC300D offers customers a 7% – 10% increase in fuel efficiency compared to the previous model.

Volvo EC250D Excavator

With faster cycle times and greater productivity, the Volvo EC250D crawler excavator will help you to get the job done faster. Whether you work in the quarry, road construction, site preparation or any other application, you’ll experience high performance from these powerful machines.


Volvo EC210D Excavator

Get the most out of your excavator in any application. The EC210D crawler excavator is equipped with a range of features to ensure a superior performance, shift after shift. Designed with Volvo’s extensive experience and expertise, this robust machine delivers ultimate productivity and efficient operation in a wide variety of tasks.

Volvo EC200D Excavator

Thanks to the fuel-efficient Volvo D5 engine, advanced hydraulic system and improved controllability, you can count on the EC200D to deliver a smooth and efficient operation – all from the comfort of the industry-leading Volvo cab.

Volvo EC140D Excavator

Take command in the durably designed EC140D, featuring the latest fuel-efficient Volvo engine and enhanced hydraulics to deliver exceptionally high efficiency, rapid cycles and low fuel consumption. Thanks to ultimate machine availability, easy serviceability and performance-enhancing features, the robust excavator helps you do more and increase your profits.

Volvo Wheel Loader L350H

Smarter, faster and tougher than the L350F, the L350H has been built on the success of its forerunner, first introduced to the market in 2007. Upgraded with the latest innovative technology, the L350H is ready to tackle a range of applications, from mining and quarrying to heavy infrastructure.

Volvo Wheel Loader L260H

Committed to its legacy, Volvo was the first to present a 35 tonne wheel loader to the industry in 2011 – with the L250G. Created with the customer for the customer, Volvo brings the next generation wheel loader – the L260H.

Volvo Wheel Loader L220H

The Volvo L220H wheel loader is a productive, fuel efficient machine with the legendary reputation behind it. Featuring state-of-the-art technology such as OptiShift – a unique technical advancement which reduces fuel consumption by up to 18% and increases machine performance, the L220H helps you work for longer and sustain productivity day in and day out.

Volvo Wheel Loader L180H

The Volvo L180H wheel loader is ready to help operators do more work each day, in a wide range of applications. With state-of-the-art technology including OptiShift – a unique system which reduces fuel consumption by up to 18% and increases machine performance – these productive machines will increase your profitability.

Volvo Wheel Loader L150H

The Volvo L150H wheel loader is built with state-of-the-art technology including OptiShift – a unique system which reduces fuel consumption by up to 18% and increases machine performance to increase your profitability. Experience Volvo’s proven, advanced technology and benefit from ultimate quality and durability.

Volvo Wheel Loader L120H

The L120H has been updated with the latest innovative technology, promoting 20% greater fuel efficiency and 5% increased productivity compared to the former G-series. Fitted with a more powerful engine, next generation OptiShift, new transmission and more, the L120H is ready to tackle a range of applications.

Volvo Wheel Loader L90H

Drive productivity up and operating costs down with the updated L90H, packed with innovative features. Offering 3% more tipping load and 73mm greater lifting height, the L90H is versatile and fast, with an increased top speed of 50km/h – facilitated by the optional lock-up function. And with up to 20% greater fuel efficiency, the upgraded L90H is fully loaded to do more, while using less.


Volvo paver P8820D

Experience the ultimate in paving productivity. With a 13-meter paving width, high capacity hopper and high-performance engine, the Volvo P8820D ABG is the big machine for the big jobs. Featuring industry-renowned levels of operator comfort and compatible with a range of high-performance screeds, this is a paver designed to deliver outstanding quality and uptime, shift after shift.

Volvo Asphalt Paver P7920 ABG

Building on the success of the proven B-Series, the new P7920 ABG is powered by a CEV Stage IV compliant Volvo engine and features the very latest technology to deliver the ultimate in paving performance in 10-meter applications. The robust design and easy serviceability keeps uptime to a maximum, and with easy set-up of both the paver and screed, this is the perfect paver for high-volume and multi-lane highway projects.

Volvo Asphalt Paver P4370 ABG

Especially developed for the Indian market, the P4370 ABG wheeled paver is packed with features to deliver outstanding paving results, including Volvo engine, Omni V screed and superb traction and stability. Fully road homologated for Indian regulations, the paver boasts the highest levels of operator comfort and visibility, including the EPM 2.5. Durable by design, easy to service and with the full support of your Volvo dealer, you can count on maximum uptime.


Volvo Asphalt Paver P5320 ABG

Introducing the Volvo P5320 ABG tracked paver, fully road homologated and tailor made for the Indian market. Paver features including Volvo engine, Omni V screed and automatic track tensioner combine with industry leading comfort and visibility to deliver the highest quality paving results across a wide range of projects. Keep uptime to a maximum with durable components, ease of serviceability and round-the-clock support from your Volvo dealer.


Volvo PT220C Compactor

Tailor made for the Indian market, the Volvo PT220C pneumatic roller is designed to deliver the highest levels of quality and performance to compaction projects. Powered by the fuel efficient and reliable VECV engine and boasting outstanding levels of versatility, operator comfort and uptime this is a compaction machine ready to deliver superb mat results.


A versatile and high performing machine, the DD100C is the new-generation 10-tonne double drum asphalt compactor from Volvo, purpose-built for the Indian market. A proven performer for over 30 years, the DD100C combines its exceptional pedigree with a range of new features, including 4.3” display and efficient engine, to deliver outstanding levels of productivity, quality and profitability.

Volvo DD100 Compactor

The Volvo DD100 asphalt compactor is your versatile performer, providing flexibility to handle varying conditions, widths and applications, from roadways and large parking lots to airport runways. This machine gives you complete control in choice of amplitudes, frequency and more. The result is a smooth, finished mat achieved with less passes and more profitability.

Volvo DD90C Compactor

Built on the success of its predecessor and featuring a host of improvements, the DD90C is the new generation asphalt compactor from Volvo. Designed specifically for flexible pavement applications in India, count on this double drum compactor to deliver a high quality mat in fewer passes. Reliable, durable and hard-working, the DD90C is packed with features including a new display, powerfully efficient engine and outstanding visibility, to help you achieve the maximum return on your investment.


Volvo DD90B Compactor

Designed with versatility in mind, the Volvo DD90B delivers unmatched fuel efficiency and powerful performance across a range of applications in India, as well as ultimate uptime and profitability. From roadways and large parking lots to airport runways, the versatile performance of the DD90B is designed to handle flexible pavement compaction applications.


Volvo SD110C Compactor

Introducing a new level in compaction performance in the Volvo SD110C, created specifically for the Indian market. The versatile, reliable and durable single drum compactor is designed to help you achieve maximum return on your investment. Packed with features including a new display, powerfully efficient engine and the highest centrifugal force in its class, count on the SD110C to deliver optimum productivity and profitability.